Alfonso Hotel Farm is a family-owned enterprise, headed by Karmina Guanio Fernandez. We were careful to populate our nearly two hectares of lush greenery with structures that fit the environment. We started building in 2006 and, since 2007 when we opened, we have been continually upgrading our services.

The Fernandez family is committed to developing the Tagaytay area while preserving its natural beauty. That’s not easy, but we’re proud of what we’ve done at the Farm. We know also that many of you would feel disconnected without the Net. So we’ve installed Wi-Fi throughout the property. It’s free.

We like to think you can get everything you need right here, without ever leaving the property. But, if you’re interested in fine Italian dining, please visit Il Gallonero (Black Rooster) at the Alfonso Hotel, about ten minutes down the road. Or, if you’d like fine dining in your room, just call. We deliver.